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wylie J
wylie J

Entertainer and a new motivational speaker - Wylie J Miller is originally from
Ohio USA. Wylie has travelled the world as a performer, working with bands and as
a solo artist and would like to share his life experiences and entertain Australian audiences. Wylie is available with his band for club bookings or as a solo artist for school bookings.
A passionate, versatile musical performer with 25 yrs experience of performing on stage. Wylie presents a
multi-cultured world perspective experience. Wylie has developed international characters with comical style to support his high-energy musical performance.

Wylie's personality captures the imagination of the audience,
and by encouraging creative students to participate (jam) with him in school performances,
he enhances student self esteem and audience participation.
An excellent soul, jazz, blues and funk vocalist with Grand Wazoo - legendary kins of
soul/funk, Wylie's talents also include the more modern R&B, Rap and Hiphop and outstanding bass guitar with his R.O.G. band in Melbourne. Wylie naturally sees comical situations all the

time in his worldly travels as he shares and performs stand-up comedy professionally at the Oden room, Crown Casio in Melbourne.

Wylie's electrifying and energetic school presentations gain an initial respect from the audience that is sustained throughout the program. Wylie speaks from his heart, custom tailoring his unique and uplifting inspirational presentations to each audience. Wylie's message "to be positive
no matter what the adversity"
is shared as he inspires audiences
to explore their own unique style.

Honors include member of
the Indonesian Royal family Buddhist clan since 2001; Mentor for "the White lion" nominated for success story of the year - Best business growth 2005, RMIT Neis Program; school roll model program, performing for the "lighthouse foundation"
(youth homeless and suicide prevention program).

In 2002 Wylie was inducted into the 'International society of Poets', Washington D.C for his poem “Concerns To My People”.

Wylie combines his love of music, performing poetry, song writing and as a stand-up comedian.
He believes in the power of inspiring people with laughter and music to powerfully
deliver a dynamic music performance and a positive
message/entertainment program.

Students respond overwhelmingly well with love and respect for Wylie's performances.

Live performances include the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2005 & 2007, Fusion Multi arts festival 2005, Hello Music carols by Daylight Federation square 2003 & 2004, Poetry reader at Dalai Lama birthday party, 2002-2003, Performer in "one flew over the cock's nest 2004 masonic
temple Melbourne,
performer at
"sorry day"

TV appearances

Champane Comedy, Regular host on Noise TV,
The Russ Kellet show, Buskerama, Wednesday nite poetry corner with David and the Hello Music morning kids show with Karen Kim.

“One sound that breaks my heart, is the cryALPHAONE.html
of a sick child without a start”WRITINGSONLINE.html