road dog productions

road dog productions

wylie J
wylie J

Double period 90 to 100 minutes


20 up to 100 attendees      $2,500

up to 250 attendees           $4,500

Half day seminars up to 50 attendees

2-3 hours $negotiable

Full day workshops up to 50 attendees

5 1/2 hours $negotiable

One period - 60 Minutes      $4 per student

                                          $1000 for more than 250

“Winning ain’t everything.....ALPHAONE.html

.....especially when you’re broke”

All Bookings,
whether it be for, Motivational speaking, Comedy, music, or poetry can be made through Roaddog productions. Wylie is available
with his band for
club bookings or as
a solo artist for
school bookings.


email: roaddog productions

Phone: 0402 699 058

Rates for motivational speaking

All prices inclusive of GST. Rates are subject to change